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We really are one!

Science says we really are connected on a molecular level. That means when we feel and generate emotion, we share that energy. Imagine then what our cumulative love energy can generate... ?

I will never forget 9/11 and not just because of the tragic loss. For me it was validation of what I always felt deep within... that love is cumulative and will heal and lift all those who share it and are touched by it. This was so evident in the weeks that followed the planes crashing into the towers. We were more courteous! We were more loving! We were united for a common cause! So much so there was a reduction in crime and people of all ages, races, religions, and political backgrounds were coming together to mourn; to help one another, and to try and quickly restore the city to its glorious self.

We don't need to wait for another tragic episode to feel that love and unity. I believe that fateful day just showed us what we are capable of, and it showed us the energy we were are really up against. True hatred does exist but no amount of hatred can destroy love. When we rise in it, we can trust in it! Love is a gift we give to ourselves and to one another. We only have to decide to unleash it.

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