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 Enterprises, LLC


Working to Support and Align

Minds, Bodies, and Environments

Creating Physical,
and Spiritual
Balance through a 
process of
Positive Manipulation®
Designing and Implementing
 Customized, Cost-Effective,
Productive, and Sustainable Programs for
Adults and Children
Helping  People
of all Ages
Reach their Highest Level of Wellness by Using  their Internal and External Environments
to Prompt Positive Forward Movement

 Enterprises, LLC

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General Contractor of Wellness

Why WorkPlace Wellness?

Posters are an inexpensive way

to help inculcate the wellness message to clients,

employees, students, and the general public.

At DM Enterprises, LLC, we customize every MantraMouse and Poster-it-Well Poster

to suit our clients' needs, personal

message, and demographics.

Poster-it Well!

Wellness is not just a word; it's a decision. It is a journey that produces a healthier, happier persona in those who decide to walk it. So why wouldn't more employers initiate wellness programs for their employees? Why wouldn't every employer want a staff of productive, enthusiastic, and inspired people to work with? Perhaps because they don't believe wellness programs work or that their employees will 'buy in.' (And they would be partially correct.) Perhaps they insist on seeing immediate results. (Who could blame them?) Maybe they just don't understand how much they can gain from a trip down Wellness Road. Hence the need for  wellness professionals to show them the way. 


There are actually many legitimate reasons not to start a wellness program but what if there was an immediate return? What if business owners and corporate executives could actually feel the difference in office culture and see rapid positive changes in productivity, attitude, and most importantly, their bottom line... Would they go for it?

Donna Martini offers some serious advice to corporate America: "You are already paying dearly for healthcare and sickcare so why not pay for well-care and save yourselves and our country billions of dollars in insurance premiums, lost productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, unemployment, Medicare, social security, and so much more. How about making a positive impact on every person you employ and even saving some of their lives? It doesn't make sense to wait for the people you care about and whom you spend 50+ hours a week with to get sick when I  can help you start, right now, to prevent the majority of diseases and ailments your employees and their families are dealing with today. And here is something to ponder: If you want those you employ to take responsibility for their work ethic and production, are you willing to take responsibility for what their job-related stress and work conditions may be doing to hinder their ability to produce for you?


Through seminar offerings and mindset re-training programs under the heading, Positive Manipulation®; actual office environment changes geared toward employee productivity, safety, and comfort; the potential for a self-funded wellness/medical concierge program, and other wellness-driven transitions, Donna Martini can help large corporations, NFPs, government entities, schools, and small enterprises expand their potential. "It doesn't have to be hard; it doesn't have to be costly," she claims, "it just has to be initiated! Science is proving that we come equipped with all the tools and abilities we need to keep us healthy and happy; we just don't know how to use them. It's about time we decided to learn."  

Ready or Not Poster
Out on a Limb Poster
Never Too Late
Love Your Belly
Wellness Decision
Bloated Dog
Sharing Love
Second-hand smoke
Screw Old Age
Screw Old Age Karate Man
Recycling is a beautiful thing!
Just Put Them On!
Pound of Fat Poster

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Seminars and WorkShops

Some of our most popular offerings



No; manipulation is not a dirty word. It means manage and control. And if I gave you a piece of clay and told you to manipulate it into the shape of a vase, you wouldn't think twice about it. The same can be said about the energy emanating from our minds, hearts, and bodies.

All aspects of our relationships, careers, and lives revolve around how we perceive and handle our daily-life episodes. To solicit the best of who we are each minute of every day, we have to understand how to walk into our future moments with the most positive state of mind and emotions can achieve. This workshop leaves participants with a better understanding of how they can manage, handle, enhance, and control their physical, mental, and emotional energy.  

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 School Wellness Programs

At DM Enterprises, LLC we don't believe in labeling programs as "anti."


Instead we promote the positive aspect of every issue our children face.


When kids understand that they can take control over their thoughts and emotions by manipulating them into what they want to think and feel, they thrive; they feel happier and determined to live up to their potential... to live in goodness.


The HeartRock Kids Teach How to Share Love With Heart-Shaped Rocks

OmRoom Yoga

Keeping Kids Active While They Learn

Corey the Wacky Apple

Interactive School Wellness Program

Only Eagles Fly Program

Teaching Children How to Rise Above Adversity

Path to Power

Understanding How Our Minds Guide Our Direction

The Wellness Road

Giving Our Bodies What They Need To Take Us Where We Want To Go

Corey's Food/Mood Recipe Book

A Collection of Healthy Recipes Kids Can Make Themselves

Recipe Book Back Cover

Some Cartoon Friends Corey Interacts With

Food/Mood Recipe Sample Page

Bowleggs Recipe

My Mini Coloring Book

An Interactive Reader and Coloring Book With Positive Messages Kids Can Learn From

Just a sampling of wellness programs written over the years. Some cross over from children to adult.


Every wellness program is customized to the client's needs and demographic.

Praise for 

Donna Martini and DME

"My staff loved the seminar..."

"Donna, thanks so much for your time yesterday! My staff loved the wellness seminar and would love to have you back. Your easy way and manner motived them. Of course they are looking forward to a painting party! In short, the wellness seminar was fun and informative."

 John F. DeBiase

Executive Director of ANIBIC

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

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