Guilt is a useless sentiment unless we use it to not do something we might regret. After the fact, it can’t bring any goodness to anyone—not ourselves, and not the people or circumstances we feel guilty about. Instead, we can choose to manipulate that guilt energy into useful service and atonement. From this moment forward,


“I am influencing lives in a profound and beautiful way!”

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

We cannot expect anyone to love us more than we are willing to love ourselves. We cannot expect anyone to respect us more than we are willing to respect ourselves. We cannot expect anyone to have more confidence in us than we have in ourselves!


Today, repeat, “I love, respect, and believe in Me.”

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019



My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

We don’t have to look very far for the reasons we feel imbalanced, uneasy, and not in alignment with our desires. The answers are found here—in our current state of mind and being and in what we are experiencing at this moment. We need to ask ourselves, “Am I imagining what I want or what I don’t want? Am I envisioning where I want to go or where I don’t want to go?” Our ‘now’ moment is all we need to change every moment thereafter.


“I am balanced, at peace, and in

alignment with my goals.”





We don’t have to run away from negative emotions; we can heal from them. We don’t have to sit with negative thoughts; we can manipulate out of them. We don’t have to wait for life to happen to us; we can make it happen for us! When it comes to our feelings, whether we decide to heal, manipulate, or let them go, we are “Always able to take control!”

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019


My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

“Knowing the truth brings inner power and strength,

making denial no

longer necessary.” 

To have a positive impact on others, we would need to maintain a positive state of being. Instead of allowing negative thoughts and emotions to persist, we can use powerful affirmations  to manipulate out of whatever keeps us imbalanced and restless. This makes the influence we have on everyone as positive as it can be.


“Radiating Peace.”

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019



My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

Yes, there is strength in numbers, but when in doubt that each of us can’t single-heartedly have a positive impact on this world, let’s remember:










"One is a number too.”

An intense feeling we are experiencing may not be caused by our present circumstances. We can get to the root of our emotions and thoughts by asking ourselves, “Is this feeling stemming from this current situation, or is it coming from some time ago?” Doing this exercise will help us move forward with clarity.



“Healing from my past; excited about my future; making the most of this day.”

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

Agonizing or complaining about where we are in our lives will keep us stuck exactly where we don’t want to be in our lives! Acceptance of and appreciation for where we are now and

for how far we have already come—now that will prompt

forward movement!  Aspire to go further;

have the willingness to do what it takes.

Each morning, repeat:  “I’m stepping

into my life on purpose today, 

willing to be the best

I can be!”



If we want to show and tell the world how powerful we really are, we need to approach life with our most positive and powerful attitude. Then, we have to walk that internal

talk, or no one will listen.












“I am a walking/talking billboard of my

beliefs and passions.” 

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

We don’t have to regret our past in order to learn from it. We don't have to categorize the road we are on as right or wrong or good or bad. Instead, we can just declare that the direction we are heading in will take us exactly where we need and want to go. 

“All the roads I choose lead to 

success and happiness.”






My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

Peace does have a price, and it’s called “Surrender.” When we are existing in a state of turmoil and everything we do is still not enough, we need to put our troubles “up”. Whether it is a Higher Power we send them to or our own Higher Knowing, we never have to work hard at bringing Love and Grace into a situation.


“Surrendering to All Things Good.”

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

Where I am going,

           only eagles can fly!

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

Arrogance is a state of mind, while confidence is a state of being. Arrogance is a learned trait, but confidence is an earned trait. One creates boundaries and blocks, while the other helps us push through them. Let’s be confident knowing that no amount of arrogance will ever take us where we want to go. Let’s remain open and willing to be


“Gifted by each other’s Grace.”

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019








Science says that we are always more clear-headed and energetically powerful when we are connected to nature.

So, today, find a garden to sit in, a tree to stand under, an ocean to wade in; even a grass patch will do. Then, while bare-footed, connect with the ground and repeat,

“Earth, energize me!”

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

Be amazed by nature because the more beauty we find in our surroundings, the more beauty we see in our lives.


“Seeing the beauty; feeling the joy!”





What would this day be like if we started acknowledging our courage instead of our sorrows? Let’s find out!

“Making all woes into wows!”

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

What we are capable of doing will only become apparent when we are fed up with mediocrity.

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

"Facing the challenge.

Rising in excellence!"

Life doesn’t just happen; we walk down the paths our minds (thoughts) and hearts (emotions) bring into existence. Our feelings will create our best future or prevent us from realizing it. So, it’s important to remain mentally and emotionally clear about what we want. 


“Walking into the future I have been preparing for.”

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

The most powerful insult any one of us usually has to handle in a day is from our own mind, not from another's mouth!

“Making all my self-talk into motivational magic.”

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019





Each of us possesses the mental and emotional tools needed to successfully handle and produce everything we need and want. Sometimes, though, we need to be reminded of that. In order to succeed at any endeavor, we would have to take ourselves out of survival mode and into thrival mode.



“Thriving through today!”

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019


Building walls around our hearts will work well to keep the hurt out, but that also keeps the love from coming in.

It helps to remember that being afraid and closed off makes us weak, while love and vulnerability create great strength. So loving more, not less, will keep us protected. 

“Love flowing in; Love flowing out.”

My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras ©2019

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