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The Woman

Behind the Mouse

Donna Martini

"When we help others rise, we rise with them."

"The more we lay fault and blame, the more things will stay the same."

"No one can ever simultaneously be a victim and a victor."

"Refuse to grow old. Instead, grow potential."

"Build someone up or knock them down; it's all in the way we decide to swing that hammer."

"We can prevent a quarrel with love more effectively than we can fight one with hate."

"Pushing out love from our hearts is easy. 

It's pushing out judgment from our minds that is the issue."

"Love is the only sovereignty worth pursuing; the only shield worth wearing."

"Yes, there is strength in numbers, but when in doubt that we each can single-heartedly have a positive impact on the world, we need to remember that one is a number too."

Go angrily against what we don't want or move lovingly toward what we do want... What makes more sense?

One Activist with One Goal:

Steering Our Country toward the Road to Wellness!