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The Law of Distraction

Who else besides me is dealing with the Law of Distraction?

I know, you never heard of it; that is because I made it up! 😁

But as humans, it seems we are built to be distracted by what is going on around us. And considering what is happening in the world and in our country--the uncertainty and unreliability--it is a given we would be in some mental and emotional turmoil.

The truth is, though, we will not realize what we cannot visualize; we will not receive what we cannot perceive, and we will not obtain a dream we cannot mentally sustain.

To get what we want and need, we have to concentrate on THAT, and not what we don't want. Then we have to feel what it is like to already have it/be living it/doing it. We keep this up until it becomes our reality.

An exercise I recommend is to write down what you want, cut out pictures or take screenshots, and keep them on your computer. Get some sort of real visual of your heart and mind's desire. List all the things you will be doing, all the emotions you will have, all the interactions and circumstances that will be generated when you have what you are producing. As you do this, you are actually creating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy required to bring your dream into reality.

Keep doing this over and over, and when you get distracted with something negative, read or rewrite the list. Throughout the day, keep repeating positive affirmations, prayers, and or mantras.

And this is truly important; remember that time is not just passing you by; you are walking through time! And you cannot help but step into the day/minute/hour you are mentally and emotionally preparing for. So, evaluate your current state of mind, emotion, and body. Realize THAT is the reality you are perpetuating over and over again. If THAT is what you want, then great! If it is not, there is good news: YOU and your heart and mind can instantly change THAT into your best day ever. ❤️

Your mantra, today, should you choose to accept it:

“I see it; I feel it; I’m living it!”

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