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Being "dumb" has its rewards...

"You're dumb as a stump!" It's what I jokingly tell myself as a reminder when I 'think' I'm being so smart. The truth is, I 'know' better; meaning, what I am capable of downloading from Higher Knowing is so much better than anything I can think up. And when I ask for and allow myself to receive Grace, I see and hear so much more than anything my human head and ego can conjure up.

How many of us need this reminder, especially now with so much dichotomized information being doled out every day. It would behoove each one of us to just shut off our typically human brain for a moment and ask for truth to find its way into our brain. It is the loving thing to do and guaranteed

that together, we would find amazing solutions and new, vibrant paths to help us heal our issues instead of just fighting, ridiculing, blaming, and hypothesizing our way to nowhere.

And hey, for all we know, trees might be smarter than we are... After all, how many of us can grow back a limb?

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