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Believe it!

Our hearts are proving to be more powerful than our brains. And that makes sense! After all, the energy of love, compassion, peace, and brotherhood would need to be stronger than our need to protect, defend, criticize, and demoralize if we are to survive as a species. So why, then, do so many of us believe we need to be angry in order to be strong and feel protected? Why don't we use love are our shield?

The answer is simple: We just don't believe something as "mushy" as love can annihilate anything as big and aggressive as hate.

The truth is, though, that hate is a strictly human contrivance. Love, on the other hand, is from the Soul, and Soul Power always trumps a simply human emotion. All we would need to do to prove this is to prompt the emotion of love. Stand tall and engage our heart by projecting unconditional love right at the anger, whether it is coming from another or within ourselves. As soon as we decide to put love on it, the love is already there. Scientifically speaking, we have proven that the heart will react faster than our brain can compute. That should lead us to believe that our Souls are always trying to lead. That should lead us to understand just how loving we humans really are and really want to be.

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