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Forgive and Forget?

Forgiving is always a plus but forgetting has its drawbacks. Sometimes, we put our anguish, pain, resentment, fear, anxiety, and other emotions away when we "forget" an event. So, consequently, our bodies remember the incident as an energy of emotion, even though our mind has decided to forget the incident or be in denial of it.

A way to alleviate any issues or side effects from hurtful past events and betrayals is to remember it differently. We can ask ourselves for the truth: What was the combination of circumstances that created the scenario? It is our prerogative to request of ourselves to see our participation in each and every episode we live through. That takes the onus off of others and puts responsibility (not fault or blame) on our own state of mind and being at that time. It may alert us to what we knowingly or unknowingly attracted into our lives. And speaking of state and mind and being, we can also ask ourselves through prayer and meditation to see and hear the truth about the other person's or people's motives and state of mind and being as well. If we are brave enough to do this, amazing wisdom will come through. And when we do this, we are actually seeing and hearing through our Soul, not our ego. That allows for a whole new perspective to come through... one that ushers in healing and growth, while it helps to eliminate the trapped energy and stress our bodies tend to hold onto.

So, we can forgive and forget an old version of our life's events anytime we want to gain strength, wisdom, clarity, peace, resolution, and restoration. All becomes good when we remember to see it as good.

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