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Unlocking the Subconscious...

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

The Subconscious is worth looking into!

Sometimes, in order to grow forward, we need to go back... back to where our past lives and breathes within us. The subconscious mind is far more important than we give it credit for; far more important to our future than we realize. Experts tell us that it can predicate 90% of our forward movement! How crazy to think that what we don't know about ourselves can be keeping us from living the life we are intending for ourselves.

Can the subconscious be changed?

The answer to this question is yes, but the methods used to change our deeply entrenched belief systems are difficult to explain and even more difficult to accomplish. It can be done, though, and it starts with a desire to heal. That desire leads to answers that are specific to our unique journey. Our Soul knows the way, but we would need to be open and fearless to take the paths we are being led and guided to. And let's face it... if it wasn't scary, we would have gone into the subconscious already and cleaned it all out. The fact is we are probably running from our subconscious fears and anxieties, angers and resentments for good reason! There is a better reason, though, to run towards them; to investigate and eventually heal from them.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Decide you want to be the best you can be... as strong and powerful on a subconscious level as you are on a conscious level. Acknowledge that if there wasn't something within yourself that is blocked or worthy of healing from, you would already have ultimate peace and everything you desire. That is the first step.

  2. Go into prayer/meditation and ask for what could be in your way to be revealed to you. Considering this may be something you have been avoiding, ask to be shown in such a way that it will not be scary or overwhelming.

  3. Remain open and dare to seek the truth; in fact, demand it of yourself, then expect to hear something simple but don't doubt its validity. Most often our inner knowing and Higher Power will be gently guiding us into our healing journey. We may hear something like, "Clean out your closet," and we doubt an innocuous chore has anything to do with our desire to heal from the past. Yet, if we 'obey' this inner command and begin to clean out that closet irrespective of how ridiculous it sounds, we will feel a definitive shift in our persona--a sort of opening that starts to lead us toward the next important step. As we go through the process, we realize how much junk has accumulated in our lives; how much stuff from the past we needed to get rid of; how many memories have been locked away that need to resurface so we can let them go. We need to have faith in the powers that be and realize every step we are being directed toward is leading to our desired outcome.

  4. Have gratitude for every little thing, every single day. Declare this healing process as a pleasure to go through, and not because it is simple or even pleasurable! It can actually be quite painful and scary at times, but it will lead to ultimate healing so relish in it! Be grateful for the new, more powerful direction it is taking you into. Realize that every time you take a challenging step, you have just grown exponentially! Your spirit enlarges every time and can never revert back again.

  5. Advance every day challenging yourself to let go of more of what you don't need as you collect more of what you want. The more willing you are to let go of any negative emotions and mindsets from the past, the more you will be led to rise in the positive emotions. Take advantage of all the physical healing modalities that exist, and there are many! EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, aka Tapping), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization, and Reprocessing), drumming and light, sound, tone, and voice healing, guided meditations... The list is endless. Open your mind to all the possibilities that exist, including what doesn't already exist. Your internal wisdom will be in high gear so expect to hear and see all you need to achieve your goal. Remain positive by using Positive Manipulation®; meaning, don't let your mind tell you what it wants you to concentrate on. Keep your thoughts powerful by manipulating out of disempowering ones. That will keep your emotions high and your thoughts wise. Use mantras to maintain positive energy on a cellular level. This will help change and heal those left over subconscious thoughts and emotions by bringing them into the present where they become your powerful ally.

  6. Believe in yourself. Each one of us really does have the ability to heal from everything we encounter. We were made that way! The amazing and mysterious system is already in place. All it needs to help you is your willingness... And there we are, full circle, back to our first step. It always comes down to one thing, our choice to be the best we were meant to be. #healing #subconscioushealing #positivemanipulation #myminibookofmightymantras

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