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Whether we have lived through traumatic events in our childhood or recent dramas in adulthood, our self-esteem may be challenged. We may believe our past made us stronger, and we would be right! Unfortunately, though, we may be carrying around residual feelings of betrayal, hurt, and pain, which have stayed stuck in our subconscious. No matter how much we believe we are "over it," we may still be producing emotional heaviness that challenges our daily life.

How do we know this? By witnessing how people view and treat us. The truth is what we think and feel inside our head, heart, and places unknown are going to create energy, and even though that energy is visually hidden from others, that doesn't mean it can't be felt by others. It is our 'job,' then, to work out our internal struggles so the outside world sees and feels the best of who we are.

Of course, so many of us have done our best to do this! But to our inner child, self-love, worth, and esteem can seem as elusive as the wind. We can't put a finger on what we can't see, but we can create an intention to address and heal our hurt (and perhaps, our unforgiveness), specifically and routinely, until our radiance and light are so obvious, they pour

right through.

It should be noted that fault or blame for our past or for who and what we are attracting is unnecessary. But it makes no sense at all to not take responsibility. After all, when we take responsibility, we can take control, and taking control is the only way we can create positive change.

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